Thursday, January 15, 2015


This week we have been talking 
about Baby Moses and how God 
sent him to help the people  of Israel.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


 I thought I moved the trash can out of the pictures.

 We made Reindeer and made hand prints for the antlers.
I love to have keepsakes.  That is why I try to do many crafts 
with the kids.

 These are our angels.  We did the white hand prints
 and sprinkled glitter on them.
Everything is better with glitter!

 The boys love the race track!

 Snow Dough

 File folder game
We are counting cookies

 Simon Says DANCE!

 I'm glad they like the simple things
like knocking down cups with balls.

 Love this picture!  We got him in mid air,

 Silly faces!
 Decorating our train cookies

 We have our boxes for our train cars

 You can't have a Polar Express party
 and not have trains.

They love the boxes.