Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Enjoying Fall

This week we are working
 on writing the letter L
and learning about things that start with L.
 L for Lion
We are making Lion masks

L for Ladybug

This was an extra. 
I thought it was cute.

 Sweet boy.
Caelyn and her Papa 
Caleb is painting his leaves. 

 These are our falling leaves.
Ll for leaves 

The letter Ff
I laminated the pages 
and the kiddos.
use dry erase markers.
They are reusable.
Buy the magic erasers.
They are great for these.

 Clayton is working in his book.
 Roller paints.
Caleb was painting
the things he could reach.

 It's brown!
 F for  Frankenstein.

 Caleb is working on an
animal matching
file folder game.
He does a great job
matching up the animals.
I am very proud of him!

F for file folder game
 This is a color match
file folder game.
He did this one alone.
I'm sure when we start
learning and recognizing
the color matches; he will be great.
He did enjoy it anyway!
That is the important thing.

 Ff for fireman

 There is nothing like
 sleeping on Papa's shoulder.

So cute!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Correction on Vacation day

Friday November 7th 
I will be taking a vacation day. 
It was brought to my attention
that I did not add it to the previous reminder.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

P for pumpkins

 The love playing outside.

 Sheesha and Caelyn

I got the two littles painting today.
We painted pumpkins

 The sun was in Caelyn's face.
She needed her hat, 
but it didn't shade enough.

We used a lid from the bottle 
of juice to make our pumpkins.

Good Job!

Making play dough pumpkins

 Addi drinking out of her big girl cup.

 Pumpkin time

 Papa in the floor with the kiddos.


 We used Washi tape to decorate our pumpkins.

 My Benjamin came to visit today.
 Looks like Clayton is getting sleepy.